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Personnel Directory of K375

Complete phone numbers are (+420) 22435xxxx - find xxxx below
(420 stands for country code, 22435 for university campus)

IT Centre

  For help, questions or complaints concerning IT, use primarily HelpDesk CTU ( In case of emergency only, please call 9700 (HelpDesk FCE).
NameActivitiesPhoneRoom No.Email
Batelka Vaclav network technician 9784D-1064 vaclav.batelka
Cajthamlova Jindriska plotter 4374, 4895D-s108 jindriska.cajthamlova
Chrpova Alexandra secretary 9727D-2078a chrpova
Demel Jiri, doc. RNDr. CSc. postmaster 4824B-410 demel
Dvorak Jan, Ing. Ph.D. Microsoft technology administrator 9723D-2006 jan.dvorak
Hadrbolec Roman audio-video centrum 5432D-1023 roman.hadrbolec
Hamata Vladimir, Ing. CSc. computer rooms administration, licence administration 9724D-2006 hamata
Hanusova Dagmar, Ing. IT - payrole systems, IT - financial systems, mobile operator 7900D-2078c hanusova
Hodankova Renata, Ing. facility management administration 9716D-2078d renata.hodankova
Holubcik Peter, Ing. computer networks 8789D-2010 peter.holubcik
Hora Vladimir, RNDr. CSc. software 3202D-2078c hora
Horak Michal network technician 9783D-1064 michal.horak
Hula Miloslav, Ing. head of IT application group 9718D-2010 miloslav.hula
Hulka Lubos, Ing. head of audio-video centrum 5430B-193 hulka
Ivancik Peter, Ing. deputy head of IT department, head of Network and server administration 5050D-2010 peter.ivancik
Jacko Stepan HelpDesk 8718D-2079 stepan.jacko
Janzurova Katerina, Ing. IT - study systems 4303D-2078c katerina.janzurova
Kovarova Ludmila, Mgr. HelpDesk 5057D-2079 ludmila.kovarova
Kuchar Vit, Bc. computer networks, IP phones administration 9749D-2007 vit.kuchar
Libenek Tomas, Ing. head of CC 7100D-2078b tomas.libenek
Marianek Daniel audio-video centrum 4379D-1028 daniel.marianek
Paral Roman HelpDesk 9937D-2079 paral
Pechova Hana, Ing. computer room    hana.pechova
Postler Stepan, Ing. software 9781D-2025 stepan.postler
Sinecky Petr printers 8790D-2078e sinecky
Valda Lukas computer networks 3734, 9748B-257a, D-2007 lukas.valda
Vitvar Ondrej audio-video centrum 9922D-1022 ondrej.vitvar
Zaleska Zora, Ing. webmaster 9715D-2078d zaleska
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