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Personnel Directory of K135

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Department of Geotechnics

NameActivitiesPhoneRoom No.Email
Aue Milan, Ing. external lecturer 4545B-507 milan.aue
Bartak Jiri, prof. Ing. DrSc. professor 4548B-509 bartakj
Butovic Alexandr, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4852B-502 alexandr.butovic
Capova Kristyna, Ing. postgraduate student 4551B-506 kristyna.capova
Cerna Vydrova Linda, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4811B-570 linda.vydrova
Chamra Svatoslav, Ing. CSc. assistant professor 4550B-511 chamra
Faltynek Jan, Ing. postgraduate student 4353B-568 jan.faltynek
Herza Jiri, Ing. MSc. postgraduate student 3874B-503 jiri.herza
Hilar Matous, prof. Ing. M.Sc., Ph.D., CEng., MICE professor 4909B-508 matous.hilar
Holousova Tatana, Ing. CSc. assistant professor 4543B-505 holousova
Ibrahim Shaza postgraduate student 3874B-503 shaza.ibrahim
Jancickova Marie, Ing. postgraduate student 4555B-515 marie.jancickova
Jettmar Josef, doc. Ing. CSc. head of department 4542B-518 jettmar
Jezek Jan, Ing. researcher 4353B-568 jan.jezek
Jirasko Daniel, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4852B-502 daniel.jirasko
Kos Jan, Ing. CSc. assistant professor 4552B-513 jankos
Kostal Jiri, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4555B-515 jiri.kostal
Kovarova Katerina, Mgr. Ph.D. assistant professor 4811B-570 katerina.kovarova
Landikova Hana technician 4822B-572 landikov
Libenkova Katerina secretary 4557B-517 katerina.libenkova
Malat Richard, Mgr. Ph.D. assistant professor 4545B-507 richard.malat
Masopust Jan, doc. Ing. CSc. associate professor 4549B-510 jan.masopust.1
Pisova Barbora, Ing. postgraduate student 4353B-568 barbora.pisova
Pruska Jan, doc. Dr. Ing. associate professor 4547B-508 pruska
Salak Jan, Ing. CSc. assistant professor 4908B-512 salak
Siska Zdenek, Ing. postgraduate student 4551B-506 zdenek.siska
Steiger Marian, Mgr. assistant professor 4545B-507 marian.steiger
Trunda Vlastislav, Ing. postgraduate student    vlastislav.trunda
Vanicek Ivan, prof. Ing. DrSc. professor 4540B-514 ivan.vanicek
Zalesky Jan, doc. Ing. CSc. deputy head 4551B-506 zalesky
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