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Personnel Directory of K134

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Department of Steel and Timber Structures

NameActivitiesPhoneRoom No.Email
Arha Tesfamariam Andemariam, Ing. postgraduate student 5448B-577 tesfa.arha
Bajtek Josef, Ing. postgraduate student 3877B-621 josef.bajtek
Beran Vaclav, doc. Ing. DrSc. staff    beran
Broj Jaroslav technician 4914D-2134 jaroslav.broj
Cabova Kamila, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 3745B-690 kamila.cabova
Celler Jiri, Ing. postgraduate student 4769B-618 jiri.celler
Cervenka Petr, Ing. postgraduate student 5448B-577 petr.cervenka.1
Cerveny Petr, Ing. postgraduate student    petr.cerveny
Der Batuhan postgraduate student    batuhan.der
Dolejs Jakub, doc. Dr. Ing. associate professor 4769B-618 dolejs
Eliasova Martina, doc. Ing. CSc. associate professor 4921B-630 eliasova
Falatova Barbara, Ing. staff    barbara.falatova
Feber Nina, Ing. postgraduate student  B-624 nina.feber
Fila Jiri, Ing. postgraduate student 4828B-688 jiri.fila
Gregorova Anna, Ing. arch. Bc. staff, postgraduate student 4402B-628 anna.gregorova
Gschray Michal technician 4763B-620 michal.gschray
Hana Tomas, Ing. postgraduate student 4828B-688 tomas.hana
Hanousek Leos, Ing. postgraduate student    leos.hanousek
Hataj Martin, Ing. postgraduate student 4770B-629 martin.hataj
Hezoucky Frantisek, doc. Ing. external lecturer     
Hrebenarova Eliska, Ing. postgraduate student 4828B-688 hrebeeli
Jandera Michal, doc. Ing. Ph.D. associate professor 4762B-622 michal.jandera
Jara Robert, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4770B-629 robert.jara
Jehlicka Petr, Ing. postgraduate student 4763B-620 petr.jehlicka
Juza Jan, Ing. postgraduate student    jan.juza
Kalamar Roman, Ing. postgraduate student 4921B-630 roman.kalamar
Kalmykova Svitlana, Ing. postgraduate student 4773B-633 svitlana.kalmykova
Kasparek Jiri, Ing. postgraduate student 4828B-688 jiri.kasparek
Kocka Martin, Ing. postgraduate student 4828B-688 martin.kocka
Kolinsky Vojtech, Ing. Ph.D. staff    vojtech.kolinsky
Kolpasky Ludvik, Ing. postgraduate student 4828B-688 ludvik.kolpasky
Kozich Matyas, Ing. postgraduate student 4763B-620 matyas.kozich
Kramolis Filip, Ing. postgraduate student    filip.kramolis
Kubikova Zuzana, Ing. staff    zuzana.kubikova
Kubis Petr, Ing. postgraduate student 4828B-688 petr.kubis
Kuklik Petr, doc. Ing. CSc. associate professor 4758B-627 kuklik
Kuklikova Anna, Ing. Ph.D. deputy head 4402B-628 kuklikov
Kurikova Marta, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 3745B-690 marta.kurikova
Machacek Josef, prof. Ing. DrSc. professor 4916B-623 machacek
Macho Martin, Ing. postgraduate student 5448B-577 martin.macho
Maier Karel, prof. Ing. arch. CSc. staff     
Mares Jiri, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4773B-633 jiri.mares
Mikes Karel, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 3877B-621 mikes
Mrazkova Katerina secretary 4772B-631 katerina.mrazkova
Netusil Michal, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 3744B-625 michal.netusil
Ornstova Pavla, Ing. postgraduate student 5448B-577 pavla.ornstova
Pichal Radek, Ing. postgraduate student 5448B-577 radek.pichal
Prajzlerova Irena staff 4773B-633 irena.prajzlerova
Prochazkova Danuse, doc. RNDr. DrSc. associate professor    danuse.prochazkova
Rotter Tomas, doc. Ing. CSc. associate professor 3876B-626 rotter
Ryjacek Pavel, doc. Ing. Ph.D. associate professor 3876B-626 pavel.ryjacek
Schwarz Ivo, Ing. postgraduate student 4763B-620
Sokol Zdenek, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4767B-619 sokol
Sorf Marek, Ing. postgraduate student 5448B-577 marek.sorf
Stancik Vojtech, Ing. postgraduate student, assistant professor 3744B-625 vojtech.stancik
Studnicka Jiri, prof. Ing. DrSc. professor emeritus 4761B-689 studnicka
Sulc Stanislav, Ing. technician 4482B-317 stanislav.sulc
Tkalenko Illia, MSc. postgraduate student 4763B-620 illia.tkalenko
Tretyakov Alexey, Ing. postgraduate student 4763B-620 alexey.tretyakov
Trush Arsenii postgraduate student 4828B-688 arsenii.trush
Tyrova Monika, Ing. postgraduate student 4770B-629 monika.tyrova
Vasek Milan, doc. Ing. CSc. associate professor    vasek
Velebil Lukas, Ing. postgraduate student, assistant professor 4770B-629 lukas.velebil
Vopatova Kristyna, Ing. postgraduate student    kristyna.vopatova
Vrbova Katerina, Ing. postgraduate student    katerina.vrbova
Vujtech Jakub, Ing. postgraduate student 4828B-688 jakub.vujtech
Vujtech Jan, Ing. postgraduate student 4828B-688 jan.vujtech
Wald Frantisek, prof. Ing. CSc. head of department 4757B-632 wald
Werunsky Martin, Ing. postgraduate student 5448B-577 martin.werunsky
Zdrazilova Michaela, Ing. postgraduate student    michaela.zdrazilova
Zeman Filip, Ing. staff    filip.zeman
Zidlicky Bretislav, Ing. postgraduate student, assistant professor 4764B-624 bretislav.zidlicky
Zikmundova Marketa, Ing. postgraduate student 4828B-688 marketa.zikmundova
Zitny Jan, Ing. postgraduate student 4828B-688 jan.zitny
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