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Personnel Directory of K129

Complete phone numbers are (+420) 22435xxxx - find xxxx below
(420 stands for country code, 22435 for university campus)

Department of Architecture

NameActivitiesPhoneRoom No.Email
Andrade Maio Marco Bruno, Arch. external lecturer     
Antosova Eva, Ing. arch. staff, assistant professor 7901A-735a  
Aster Petr, Ing. arch. external lecturer    petr.aster
Babincova Barbora, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    barbora.babincova
Backovsky Jan, Akad. mal. external lecturer     
Bartik Richard, Ing. arch. external lecturer    richard.bartik
Bartonicek Jan, Ing. postgraduate student    jan.bartonicek
Bohac Matej, Ing. arch. staff 5406D-2121 matej.bohac
Bohaty Adam, Ing. arch. assistant professor    adam.bohaty
Borikova Hana, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    hana.borikova
Brankov Nikolay, Ing. arch. postgraduate student, assistant professor    nikolay.brankov
Brotanek Ales, Akad. arch. external lecturer     
Cerna Anna Marie, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    anna.marie.cerna
Cernekova Marie, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    marie.cernekova
Cestrova Edita, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    edita.cestrova
Chalupa Michal, Ing. assistant professor 4779D-1092 michal.chalupa
Chvojka Ivo, Ing. arch. staff     
Civrna Tereza, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    tereza.civrna
Cvancigerova Lucie, BBus (Hons), DiS. secretary 4717D-2110 lucie.cvancigerova
Czumalo Vladimir, PhDr. CSc. staff     
Dada Jaroslav, doc. Ing. arch. Ph.D. associate professor, deputy head 5305D-2117 jaroslav.dada
Dantlinger Tomas, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    tomas.dantlinger
Derkach Oleksandra, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    oleksandra.derkach
Dvorak Jan, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 9723D-2006 jan.dvorak
Dvorak Vaclav, doc. Ing. arch. CSc. associate professor 5306D-2116 vaclav.dvorak
Dvorak Vojtech, Ing. arch. assistant professor 4779D-1092 vojtech.dvorak
Dvorakova Iva, Ing. arch. postgraduate student, assistant professor 5406D-2121 iva.dvorakova
Eckschlager Tomas, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    tomas.eckschlager
Felixova Simona, Ing. arch. assistant professor 4759D-2122 simona.felixova
Fetisov Oleg postgraduate student 5477D-2112 oleg.fetisov
Filsak Pavel, Ing. arch. assistant professor 7194A-723 pavel.filsak
Franek Libor, Akad. arch. staff     
Gleich Vladimir, Ing. arch. assistant professor 4759D-2122 vladimir.gleich
Grünerova Pavla, Akad. arch. external lecturer     
Hajek Karel, doc. Ing. arch. Ph.D. associate professor 5308D-1102 karel.hajek
Hajkova Stepanka, Ing. arch. staff     
Hamata Vladimir, Ing. CSc. assistant professor 9724D-2006 hamata
Havelka Ctibor, Akad. sochar assistant professor 7199, 7901A-734, A-735a ctibor.havelka
Hetletvedt Amy Claire external lecturer     
Hlavacek Michal, prof. Ing. arch. professor 5307D-2112 michal.hlavacek
Hlusicka Martin, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    martin.hlusicka
Horicka Jana, Ing. arch. Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor, deputy head 5302D-2114 jana.horicka
Horka Lenka, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    lenka.horka
Housa Petr, Ing. arch. assistant professor 7195A-724 petr.housa
Housova Mizerova Kamila, Mgr. assistant professor 7195A-734 kamila.housova
Hrochova Jolana, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    jolana.hrochova
Hruska Pavel, Ing. postgraduate student    pavel.hruska
Hulec Mikulas, prof. Akad. arch. head of department 3982D-2111 mikulas.hulec
Jenikova Lenka, DiS. secretary 5475D-2110 lenka.jenikova
Jerie Robert, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    robert.jerie
Jiran Zdenek, prof. Ing. arch. professor 7197A-725  
Jurcik Pavel, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    pavel.jurcik
Kalivoda Ladislav, Ing. arch. CSc. assistant professor  D-1101 ladislav.kalivoda
Kalivodova Hana, Ing. staff     
Kaspar Jan, Ing. arch. Ph.D. assistant professor 7904A-740 jan.kaspar
Kerel Jan, Akad. arch. external lecturer     
Kherbhek Rahaf postgraduate student    rahaf.kherbhek
Klapalova Hana, Ing. arch. assistant professor 5305D-2117 hana.klapalova
Klozar Filip, Ing. arch. external lecturer    filip.klozar
Knytl Lubos, doc. Ing. arch. associate professor 5321D-2114 lubos.knytl
Kopriva Milos, prof. Ing. arch. professor 4759D-2122 milos.kopriva
Kosatka Bedrich, doc. Ing. CSc. associate professor 4714D-2113 kosatka
Kosikova Eva, Ing. staff     
Kotas Patrik, doc. Ing. arch. associate professor 5308D-1102  
Kraus Premysl, Ing. assistant professor 4779D-1092 premysl.kraus
Krocak Jaromir, Ing. arch. assistant professor 7195A-724 jaromir.krocak
Kroftova Klara, doc. Ing. Ph.D. associate professor 7189A-718 klara.kroftova
Kubal Tomas, Ing. arch. external lecturer     
Lajda Stepan, Ing. arch. postgraduate student, assistant professor 7194A-723 lajdaste
Lapsansky Martin, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    martin.lapsansky
Ledl Petr, Ing. arch. Ph.D. assistant professor 5302D-2114 petr.ledl
Lenz Petra, Ing. arch. postgraduate student, assistant professor 7197A-725 petra.lenz
Lichy Vojtech, Ing. arch. external lecturer    vojtech.lichy
Linhartova Eva, Ing. arch. assistant professor 5307D-2112 eva.linhartova
Lukes Zdenek, doc. Ing. arch. associate professor     
Mach Marek, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    marek.mach
Masa Petr, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    petr.masa
Med Tomas, Ing. arch. Ph.D. assistant professor
Menclova Bela, Ing. arch. assistant professor 7191A-720 bela.menclova
Mezera Jiri technician 4779D-1092 jiri.mezera
Mezera Petr, doc. Ing. arch. CSc. external lecturer  D-1101 petr.mezera
Micekova Alena postgraduate student    alena.micekova
Mikova Helena, Ing. arch. Ph.D. researcher    helena.mikova
Mizera Jakub, Ing. arch. external lecturer    jakub.mizera
Moos Jiri, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    jiri.moos
Nemecek Miroslav staff     
Novakova Zdenka, doc. Ing. arch. CSc. external lecturer 7189A-718 zdenka.novakova
Novotna Petra, Ing. arch. assistant professor 7192A-721 petra.novotna
Peskova Zuzana, prof. Ing. arch. Ph.D. professor 5301D-2113 zuzana.peskova
Popelova Lenka, doc. Ing. arch. Ph.D. associate professor 5406D-2121 lenka.popelova
Posmourny Jiri, Ing. arch. assistant professor 7197A-725 jiri.posmourny
Pospisil Jakub, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    jakub.pospisil
Posva Rudolf, PhDr. CSc. assistant professor 7193A-722 rudolf.posva
Pustejovsky Jan, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 5477D-2112 jan.pustejovsky
Rychtarik Zdenek, Ing. arch. assistant professor     
Sabart Jan, Ing. arch. external lecturer     
Sedlakova Radomira, doc. Ing. arch. CSc. associate professor 7903A-831 radomira.sedlakova
Senberger Tomas, prof. Ing. arch. professor 5477D-2112 senberger
Sevcik Vratislav, doc. Akad. mal. associate professor 7199A-734 vratislav.sevcik
Sidiropulu Janku Katerina, Mgr. Ph.D. postgraduate student    katerina.sidiropulu.janku
Sikola Petr, doc. Ing. arch. Ph.D. associate professor 5304D-2116 petr.sikola
Skacilik Jiri, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 7193A-722 skacilik
Skala David, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    david.skala
Skalova Eliska, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    eliska.skalova
Skranc Pavel, PhDr. researcher 7198, 7903A-831 pavel.skranc
Smejkal Karel, Ing. Ph.D. staff  H-203 karel.smejkal
Smitka Daniel, Ing. arch. Ph.D. external lecturer     
Smola Josef, Ing. arch. assistant professor  D-1101 josef.smola
Smolik Jiri, Ing. arch. assistant professor     
Smolik Michal, Ing. arch. assistant professor 7190A-719 michal.smolik
Smutny Dalibor, doc. Akad. mal. associate professor 7199A-734  
Sochorova Ilona staff 9791  ilona.sochorova
Soucek Martin, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    martin.soucek.2
Sourek Michal, doc. Ing. arch. associate professor 5307D-2112 michal.sourek
Stark Martin, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    martin.stark
Stetina Dusan, Ing. Ph.D. staff     
Stibor Martin, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    martin.stibor
Stransky Jiri, Ing. postgraduate student    jiri.stransky
Sucha Vera, Ing. arch. guest 4713A-724 sucha
Sulcova Stanislava, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    stanislava.sulcova
Svatos Jindrich, doc. Ing. arch. associate professor 5305D-2117 jindrich.svatos
Sykora Jaroslav, prof. Ing. arch. DrSc. professor emeritus    jaroslav.sykora
Taborsky Vitezslav, Ing. arch. Ph.D. external lecturer     
Taraba Vojtech, Ing. arch. assistant professor 5406D-2121 vojtech.taraba
Tej Petr, Ing. Ph.D. staff     
Tichy Ladislav, doc. Ing. arch. CSc. associate professor 5303, 6344FA-713, D-2115 ladislav.tichy
Trojan Jiri, Ing. arch. assistant professor 5303D-2115 jiri.trojan
Urlich Petr, prof. Ing. arch. CSc. professor 7198A-831 petr.urlich
Vachelova Alzbeta, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    alzbeta.vachelova
Vanek Ales, Ing. arch. assistant professor 5308D-1102, D-1123 ales.vanek
Vaskova Andrea, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    andrea.vaskova
Vecko Jan, Ing. Ph.D. postgraduate student 5308D-1102 jan.vecko
Vetrovska Barbora, Mgr. postgraduate student    barbora.vetrovska
Weichertova Renee staff, secretary 5306D-2116 renee.weichertova
Zahradka Radek, Ing. postgraduate student    radek.zahradka
Zaruba Pfeffermann Josef, PhDr. MgA. Ph.D. staff  H-203  
Zoula Jakub, Ing. arch. assistant professor 5406D-2121 jakub.zoula
Zykan Radek, Ing. arch. assistant professor 7190A-719 radek.zykan
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