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Personnel Directory of K910

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Faculty Management

NameActivitiesPhoneRoom No.Email
Kabele Karel, prof. Ing. CSc. Vice-dean for Development and Public Relations 7104A-227b kabele
Maca Jiri, prof. Ing. CSc. dean of faculty 4500, 8777B-325, C-101 maca
Patzak Borek, prof. Dr. Ing. Vice-dean for Science and Research 4501B-331 borek.patzak
Pavelka Karel, prof. Dr. Ing. Vice-dean for International Relations 3865, 4951B-815 pavelka
Peskova Zuzana, doc. Ing. arch. Ph.D. Vice-dean for Education 5301D-2113 zuzana.peskova
Vokurka Adam, Ing. Ph.D. Vice-dean for Construction 4750B-610 vokurka
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