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Personnel Directory of K210

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Experimental Centre

NameActivitiesPhoneRoom No.Email
Bartonkova Eva, Ing. postgraduate student    eva.bartonkova
Crha Jan, Ing. postgraduate student    jan.crha
Doskar Martin, Ing. staff 4561B-330 martin.doskar
Fornusek Jindrich, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4354D-1011 jindrich.fornusek
Freylich Jiri technician 4958D-1116 jiri.freylich
Hala Petr, Ing. postgraduate student, external lecturer    petr.hala
Havlova Alzbeta secretary 4331D-1039 alzbeta.havlova
Havluj Vladimir, doc. Ing. CSc. associate professor 4331D-1039 vladimir.havluj
Holcapek Ondrej, Ing. postgraduate student, technician 4913D-s120 ondrej.holcapek
Horacek Vladimir technician 4959D-s175  
Jogl Lukas staff 4913D-s120 lukas.jogl
Jogl Marcel, Ing. postgraduate student, technician 4913D-s120 marcel.jogl
Kocova Marketa, Ing. postgraduate student 3845D-1014 marketa.kocova
Kolar Karel, doc. Ing. CSc. associate professor 4376, 4959D-1025 karel.kolar
Konrad Petr, Ing. postgraduate student    petr.konrad
Konvalinka Petr, prof. Ing. CSc., FEng. head of experimental centre 4306, 8778D-1038 petr.konvalinka
Kotatkova Jaroslava, Ing. postgraduate student    jaroslava.kotatkova
Litos Jiri, doc. Ing. Ph.D. deputy head 5429D-1039 litos
Litos Radek technician 4351D-1012 radek.litos
Lovichova Romana, Ing. postgraduate student 3845D-1014 romana.lovichova
Machovec Jan, Ing. postgraduate student    jan.machovec
Mara Michal, Ing. postgraduate student    michal.mara
Marova Eva, Ing. Ph.D. researcher 4760D-2062 eva.marova
Marsik Vaclav, Ing. technician 4356D-1010 vaclav.marsik
Novak Jan, Ing. Ph.D. researcher 4606B-330 novakja
Reiterman Pavel, Ing. Ph.D. technician 4376, 4913, 4959D-1025, D-s120 pavel.reiterman
Rihova Zdenka, Ing. postgraduate student 3845D-1014 zdenka.rihova.1
Ruzicka Jaroslav technician 4360, 4958D-1116 jaroslav.ruzicka
Sana Vladimir, Ing. Ph.D. researcher 4356D-1010 vladimir.sana
Slouka Jan technician 4351D-1012 jan.slouka
Sovjak Radoslav, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4941D-1009 sovjak
Trmal Jiri technician    jiri.trmal
Trtik Pavel, doc. Ing. Ph.D. associate professor    pavel.trtik
Tyburec Marek, Ing. external lecturer 4498B-380 marek.tyburec
Zatloukal Jan, Ing. Ph.D. technician 4354D-1011 jan.zatloukal
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