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Personnel Directory of K154

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Department of Special Geodesy

NameActivitiesPhoneRoom No.Email
Braun Jaroslav, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4780B-907 jaroslav.braun
Broucek Josef, Ing. postgraduate student    josef.broucek
Cejka Pavel technician 4812B-968  
Dvoracek Filip, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4735B-902a filip.dvoracek
Hampacher Miroslav, doc. Ing. CSc. associate professor 4790B-911 hampach
Hanek Pavel, doc. Ing. CSc. associate professor 4737B-908 hanek
Jirikovsky Tomas, Ing. Bc. Ph.D. assistant professor 4738B-913 tomas.jirikovsky
Kremen Tomas, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4786B-905 tomas.kremen
Kroutil Pavel technician 4812B-968  
Linkova Lenka, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4814B-902 lenka.linkova
Michal Ondrej, Ing. postgraduate student    ondrej.michal
Pospisil Jiri, prof. Ing. CSc. professor 4734B-904 pospisil
Prochazka Jaromir, doc. Ing. CSc. deputy head 4783B-910 jaromir.prochazka
Seidl Michal, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4800B-924 michal.seidl
Skorepa Zdenek, Dr. Ing. assistant professor 4660B-927 skorepa
Smela Renata secretary 4782B-909 smela
Stroner Martin, prof. Ing. Ph.D. head of department 4781B-912 martin.stroner
Suchy Josef technician 4868C-s148 josef.suchy
Suk Tomas, Ing. postgraduate student    tomas.suk
Urban Rudolf, doc. Ing. Ph.D. associate professor 4736B-903 rudolf.urban
Vaskova Dana, Ing. postgraduate student    dana.vaskova
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