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Personnel Directory of K132

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Department of Mechanics

NameActivitiesPhoneRoom No.Email
Antos Jakub, Ing. postgraduate student  B-317 jakub.antos
Bittnar Petr, Ing. Ph.D. researcher 4484D-2019 petr.bittnar
Bittnar Zdenek, prof. Ing. DrSc. professor 3869B-308 bittnar
Denk Frantisek, Ing. arch. Ing. Ph.D. researcher 3723D-2024 frantisek.denk
Doskar Martin, Ing. postgraduate student 4561B-330 martin.doskar
Dureje Jakub, Ing. postgraduate student    jakub.dureje
Dvorakova Edita, Ing. postgraduate student 5417D-2030a edita.dvorakova
Fajman Petr, doc. Ing. CSc. associate professor 4477B-324 fajman
Fiedler Josef, Ing. postgraduate student    josef.fiedler
Hajkova Karolina, Ing. postgraduate student 4482B-317 karolina.hajkova
Hajkova Petra, Ing. postgraduate student    petra.hajkova
Havelka Jan, Ing. postgraduate student    jan.havelka.1
Havlasek Petr, Ing. Ph.D. researcher 5417D-2030a petr.havlasek
Hlavata Veronika staff    veronika.hlavata
Hluzek Radim, Ing. postgraduate student    radim.hluzek
Horak Martin, Ing. Ph.D. researcher 5417D-2030 martin.horak
Hrbek Vladimir, Ing. postgraduate student    vladimir.hrbek
Hrncir Frantisek technician 4372D-2023 frantisek.hrncir
Janda Tomas, Ing. Ph.D. researcher 4606B-330a tomas.janda
Jandekova Dagmar, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4475B-310 dagmar.jandekova
Janouchova Eliska, Ing. postgraduate student 5326D-2034 eliska.janouchova
Jira Ales, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 3723D-2024 jira
Jirasek Milan, prof. Ing. DrSc. professor 4481B-322 milan.jirasek
Jäger Ales, RNDr. Ph.D. researcher    ales.jager
Kabele Petr, prof. Ing. Ph.D. deputy head 4485B-328 petr.kabele
Kadlicek Tomas, Ing. postgraduate student  B-332a tomas.kadlicek
Kolarik Filip, Ing. Ph.D. researcher 5417D-2030 filip.kolarik
Kolarova Daniela technician 4490B-327 daniela.kolarova
Konvalinka Petr, prof. Ing. CSc., FEng. professor 4306, 8778D-1038 petr.konvalinka
Kopecky Lubomir, RNDr. researcher 4823, 6743D-s153 kopecky
Koudelka Tomas, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 5326D-2034 tomas.koudelka
Koudelova Petra, Ing. staff    petra.koudelova
Krejci Tomas, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4502D-2029 krejci
Kruis Jaroslav, prof. Ing. Ph.D. professor 4580D-2032 jaroslav.kruis
Kucerova Anna, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 5326D-2034 anna.kucerova
Kucikova Lucie, Ing. postgraduate student    lucie.kucikova
Kuklik Pavel, prof. Ing. CSc. deputy head 4486B-320 kuklikpa
Kurfürstova Alexandra secretary 4493B-327 kurfurst
Ladecky Martin, Ing. external lecturer    martin.ladecky
Leps Matej, doc. Ing. Ph.D. associate professor 5326D-2034 matej.leps
Maca Jiri, prof. Ing. CSc. head of department 4500, 8777B-325, C-101 maca
Machacek Michael, Ing. postgraduate student    michael.machacek
Machovec Jan, Ing. staff    jan.machovec
Melzerova Lenka, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 5438B-309 melzerov
Mikes Karel, Ing. postgraduate student    karel.mikes.1
Mrackova Michaela, Ing. postgraduate student  B-317 michaela.mrackova
Muzikova Barbora, Ing. postgraduate student  D-2030a barbora.muzikova
Nemecek Jiri, Ing. postgraduate student  D-054, B-380, B-708 jiri.nemecek.1
Nemecek Jiri, doc. Ing. Ph.D. associate professor 4309B-331a jiri.nemecek
Nemeckova Jitka, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4502D-2029 jitka.nemeckova
Nezerka Vaclav, Ing. Ph.D. researcher 4498B-380 vaclav.nezerka
Novotna Eva, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4401B-311 eva.novotna
Otcovska Tereza, Ing. postgraduate student 4495D-2023a tereza.otcovska
Padevet Pavel, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4484D-2019 pavel.padevet
Patzak Borek, prof. Dr. Ing. professor 4501B-331 borek.patzak
Plachy Tomas, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4401B-311 plachy
Pohl Christoph, Dipl. Ing. postgraduate student
Pohl Karel, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4496B-309
Pokorna Vera technician 4487B-326 pokorna
Polak Michal, prof. Ing. CSc. professor 4476B-314 polak
Prochazka Petr, prof. Ing. RNDr. DrSc. professor 4480B-315 prochazk
Prosek Zdenek, Ing. postgraduate student 4495D-2023a zdenek.prosek
Rehounek Lubos, Ing. postgraduate student    lubos.rehounek
Rericha Petr, prof. Ing. DrSc. professor 4478B-313 petr.rericha
Rypl Daniel, doc. Dr. Ing. associate professor 4369B-316 daniel.rypl
Schmidt Jaroslav, Ing. postgraduate student
Sejnoha Jiri, prof. Ing. DrSc. professor 4492B-329 sejnoha
Sejnoha Michal, prof. Ing. Ph.D. professor 4494B-318 sejnom
Smilauer Vit, doc. Ing. Ph.D. associate professor 4483B-312 vit.smilauer
Somr Michael, Ing. postgraduate student 4498B-380 michael.somr
Stepanek Jan, Ing. postgraduate student    jan.stepanek
Sulc Stanislav, Ing. postgraduate student 4482B-317 stanislav.sulc
Sykora Jan, Ing. Ph.D. researcher 4375D-2016 jan.sykora.1
Tesarek Pavel, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 3723D-2024 pavel.tesarek
Travnicek Pavel, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor    pavel.travnicek
Trejbal Jan, Ing. postgraduate student 4659B-332a jan.trejbal
Tyburec Marek, Ing. postgraduate student 4498B-380 marek.tyburec
Valek Martin, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4475B-310 valek
Verner Martin, Ing. postgraduate student 4495D-2023a martin.verner
Vorel Jan, doc. Ing. Ph.D. associate professor 4375D-2016 jan.vorel
Zacharda Vojtech, Ing. technician 4603B-708 vojtech.zacharda
Zeman Jan, doc. Ing. Ph.D. associate professor 4472B-319 jan.zeman
Zemanova Alena, Ing. Ph.D. researcher 4472B-319 alena.zemanova
Zobal Ondrej, Ing. assistant professor    ondrej.zobal
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