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Personnel Directory of K127

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Department of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning

NameActivitiesPhoneRoom No.Email ...@fsv.cvut.cz
Altukhova Alina postgraduate student    alina.altukhova
Durdik Petr, doc. Ing. arch. associate professor 7931A-826 petr.durdik
Dvorakova Karin, Ing. arch. assistant professor 7934A-823 karin.dvorakova
Hendrych Jan, ASLA postgraduate student 7925A-829b jan.hendrych
Horky Ivan, doc. Ing. arch. DrSc. associate professor 7928A-828a horkyi
Janatka Marek, Ing. arch. Ph.D. assistant professor 7936A-821 marek.janatka
Jaros Jakub, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    jakub.jaros
Jetel Vaclav, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 7930A-827 vaclav.jetel
Kaplan Ivan, doc. Ing. arch. associate professor 7932A-825 ivan.kaplan
Klingorova Irena, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    irena.klingorova
Koubkova Renata, Ing. arch. postgraduate student 7938A-819 renata.koubkova
Kubatova Sarka, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    sarka.kubatova
Kuca Karel, Ing. arch. assistant professor     
Kucera Petr, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    petr.kucera.1
Kupka Jiri, doc. Ing. arch. Ph.D. head of department 7927A-830 jiri.kupka
Kupkova Denisa, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    denisa.kupkova
Masna Katerina secretary 7926A-829 katerina.masna
Muzik Jan, doc. Ing. arch. CSc. associate professor 7935A-822 muzikja1
Petru Eva, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    eva.petru
Pospisil Frantisek, Ing. arch. Ph.D. assistant professor 7929A-828b frantisek.pospisil
Stojan Daniel, Ing. arch. postgraduate student, assistant professor 7933A-824 daniel.stojan
Tlachova Zuzana, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    zuzana.tlachova
Vetesnikova Katerina, Ing. arch. postgraduate student    katerina.vetesnikova
Vondrackova Simona, Ing. arch. postgraduate student, researcher  A-818 simona.vondrackova
Vorel Ivan, doc. Ing. arch. CSc. associate professor 7925A-830 ivan.vorel
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