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Personnel Directory of K122

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Department of Construction Technology

NameActivitiesPhoneRoom No.Email
Bruzl Michal, Ing. postgraduate student 4582B-526 michal.bruzl
Cermak Jan, Ing. postgraduate student 4582B-526 jan.cermak
Formacek Petr, Ing. postgraduate student 4582B-526 petr.formacek
Franek Ondrej, Ing. postgraduate student 4581B-526 ondrej.franek
Himmel Michal, Ing. postgraduate student 4581B-526 michal.himmel
Hlava Martin, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4621B-530 martin.hlava
Jakubovie Simona secretary 4559B-521, B-520 simona.jakubovie
Jarsky Cenek, prof. Ing. DrSc. professor 4590B-525 jarsky
Konvalinka Adam, Ing. postgraduate student, assistant professor 4581B-526a adam.konvalinka
Kosina Vit, Ing. external lecturer    vit.kosina
Kovarik Michal, Ing. postgraduate student, assistant professor 4720B-519a michal.kovarik
Kravcov Alexander, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 5461B-531 kravtale
Kubecek Petr, Ing. postgraduate student    petr.kubecek
Ladra Josef, Ing. external lecturer     
Neumann Pavel, Ing. assistant professor 4588B-528a neumann
Parova Maria, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 5409B-519b parova
Petlikova Katerina, Ing. postgraduate student 4581B-526a katerina.petlikova
Polak Karel, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 5461B-531 karel.polak
Popenkova Miloslava, Ing. CSc. assistant professor 4589B-528 miloslava.popenkova
Pospichal Vaclav, Ing. Ph.D. deputy head 3980B-529 pospich
Prochazka Michal, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4720B-519a prochmi2
Srytr Petr, doc. Ing. CSc. researcher 4621B-530 srytr
Strup Ondrej, Ing. external lecturer     
Subrt Roman, Ing. postgraduate student    roman.subrt
Sulc Rostislav, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4658B-527a rostislav.sulc
Svoboda Pavel, doc. Ing. CSc. head of department 4591B-522 pavel.svoboda
Synek Jaroslav, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 4621B-530 jaroslav.synek
Tuhacek Martin, Ing. postgraduate student 4582B-526b martin.tuhacek
Usmanov Vjaceslav, Ing. Ph.D. staff 5461B-531,B584 vjacheslav.usmanov
Vachal Tomas, Ing. A. T. assistant professor 4520B-527 tomas.vachal
Vacura Milan, Ing. external lecturer     
Vesela Linda, Ing. Ph.D. assistant professor 5409B-519b linda.vesela
Vycital Miroslav, Ing. postgraduate student 4582B-526b miroslav.vycital
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