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Personnel Directory of K104

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Department of Languages

NameActivitiesPhoneRoom No.Email
Bobokova-Bartikova Svatava, PhDr. head of department 4528B-262b bartikov
Cermakova Vera, PhDr. assistant professor 4657B-258b vera.cermakova
Florianova Petra, Mgr. assistant professor 4795B-263b petra.florianova
Giormani Sandra, Mgr. assistant professor 4795B-263b sandra.giormani
Hlavata Ilona secretary 4784B-262 ilona.hlavata
Horka Hana, Mgr. deputy head 4825B-263 horka
Jilemnicka Libuse, RNDr. CSc. assistant professor 4657B-258b jilemnic
Koptik Tomas, Mgr. external lecturer     
Martincova Petra, Mgr. assistant professor 4795B-263b petra.martincova
Nivenova Renata, PhDr. assistant professor 4398B-259a renata.nivenova
Skerikova Michaela, Mgr. external lecturer     
Studentova Anna, Mgr. external lecturer    anna.studentova
Vankova Lucie, Mgr. external lecturer 4732B-259b lucie.vankova
Zemlickova Magdalena, PhDr. assistant professor 3858B-258a zemlicko
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