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Personnel Directory

Complete phone numbers are (+420) 22435xxxx - find xxxx below
(420 stands for country code, 22435 for university campus)


NameDept.PhoneRoom No.Email
Taraba Vojtech, Ing. arch.  K1295406D-2121 vojtech.taraba
Tatyrek Vaclav, Ing. Ph.D.  K1264523B-419 vaclav.tatyrek
Tejkl Adam, Ing.  K143   adam.tejkl
Tencar Jiri, Ing. Ph.D.  K1295437A-s140  
Tesar Pavel, Ing. Ph.D.  K1555454B-923 pavel.tesar
Tesarek Pavel, Ing. Ph.D.  K1323723D-2024 pavel.tesarek
Ticha Petra, Ing. Ph.D.  K1027910A-622 petra.ticha
Tichy Ladislav, doc. Ing. arch. CSc.  K1295303, 6344FA-713, D-2115 ladislav.tichy
Tichy Milik, prof. Ing. DrSc.  K1263748B-427a milik.tichy
Tilinger Jan, Ing. Ph.D.  K124   jan.tilinger
Tipka Martin, Ing. Ph.D.  K1334365B-724 martin.tipka
Tkalenko Illia, MSc.  K1344763B-620 illia.tkalenko
Tobias Pavel, Ing.  K155, K155   pavel.tobias
Toman Jan, prof. Mgr. DrSc.  K1237129A-327 toman
Toman Michal, doc. Ing. CSc.  K142, K9214612, 7957C-117, B-712 michal.toman
Tomankova Jaroslava, Ing. Ph.D.  K1264534B-431 tomankov
Tomek Ales, doc. Ing. CSc.  K1264511B-414 tomek
Tomek Radan, Ing. MSc.  K126, K1264817B-424 radan.tomek
Tomiskova Jarmila  K9348748B-117 tomiskov
Topol Jindrich, Ing.    jindrich.topol
Travnicek Pavel, Ing. Ph.D.  K132   pavel.travnicek
Trejbal Jan, Ing.  K1324659B-332a jan.trejbal
Tretyakov Alexey, Ing.  K1344763B-620 alexey.tretyakov
Trmal Jiri  K210   jiri.trmal
Trnik Anton, doc. RNDr. Ph.D.  K1234771D-1065 anton.trnik
Trojan Jiri, Ing. arch.  K1295303D-2115 jiri.trojan
Trtik Karel, doc. Ing. CSc.  K1334626B-726 trtik
Trtik Pavel, doc. Ing. Ph.D.  K210   pavel.trtik
Trtik Tomas, Ing.  K1334624B-788 tomas.trtik
Tyburec Marek, Ing.  K132, K2104498B-380 marek.tyburec
Tydlitat Vratislav, RNDr. CSc.  K1235436D-1015 tydlitat
Tyrova Monika, Ing.  K134   monika.tyrova
Tywoniak Jan, prof. Ing. CSc.  K124, K124, AS7175A-428 tywoniak
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