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Personnel Directory

Complete phone numbers are (+420) 22435xxxx - find xxxx below
(420 stands for country code, 22435 for university campus)


NameDept.PhoneRoom No.Email
Laburda Tomas, Ing.  K1434751B-670 tomas.laburda
Labus Ladislav, prof. Ing. arch.  VR   ladislav.labus
Ladecky Martin, Ing.  K1015473B-304a martin.ladecky
Ladra Josef, Ing.  K122    
Laiblova Lenka, Ing.  K124, K996, AS7185A-418 lenka.laiblova
Lajda Stepan, Ing. arch.  K129, K1297194A-723 lajdaste
Lakoma Hana, Mgr. Ph.D.  K1014467B-304 hana.lakoma
Lambert Jan, Ing.  K1364413B-209 jan.lambert
Lambojova Magda, Ing.  K9258770B-224 magda.lambojova
Landa Martin, Ing. Ph.D.  K1554644B-802 martin.landa
Lapayev Oleksiy, Ing.  K1344767B-624 oleksiy.lapayev
Lapsansky Martin, Ing. arch.  K129   martin.lapsansky
Ledl Petr, Ing. arch. Ph.D.  K1295302D-2114 petr.ledl
Lenz Petra, Ing. arch.  K129, K1297197A-725 petra.lenz
Leps Matej, doc. Ing. Ph.D.  K1325326D-2034 matej.leps
Libenek Tomas, Ing.  K3757100D-2078b tomas.libenek
Libenkova Katerina  K1354557B-517 katerina.libenkova
Lidmila Martin, Ing. Ph.D.  K1374753B-615 martin.lidmila
Ligacova Hana  K311    
Linhartova Eva, Ing. arch.  K1295307D-2112 eva.linhartova
Linhartova Vladimira, Ing.  K125   vladimira.linhartova
Linkova Lenka, Ing. Ph.D.  K1544814B-902 lenka.linkova
Liska Vaclav, doc. Dr. Ing.  K1057132A-322 liska
Liskova Katerina  K1444350D-1082 katerina.liskova.1
Liskova Nikola, Ing.  K1344763B-620 nikola.liskova
Litos Jiri, doc. Ing. Ph.D.  K210, AS5429D-1039 litos
Litos Radek  K2104351D-1012 radek.litos
Lojda Vit, Ing.  K137, K1373868B-617a vit.lojda
Lomoz Lenka, Ing. Ph.D.  K1374752B-614 lenka.lomoz
Lounkova Anna, Ing. CSc.    lounkova
Lousova Ivana  K1244332D-1035 ivana.lousova
Lovichova Romana, Ing.  K2103845D-1014 romana.lovichova
Ludvik Jaromir, RNDr.  K101    
Lukes Zdenek, Ing. Ph.D.  K155   zdenek.lukes
Lukes Zdenek, doc. Ing. arch.  K129    
Lukesova Eva, Mgr.  K9104871C-s158 eva.lukesova
Lupisek Antonin, Ing. Ph.D.  K1247171A-423 antonin.lupisek
Luxemburk Frantisek, doc. Ing. CSc.  K1364929D-2050 luxemburk
Lysczas Michala, Ing. arch.  K1257115A-124 michala.lysczas
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