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Personnel Directory

Complete phone numbers are (+420) 22435xxxx - find xxxx below
(420 stands for country code, 22435 for university campus)


NameDept.PhoneRoom No.Email
Jachymova Barbora, Ing. Ph.D.  K1434751B-670 barbora.jachymova
Jacko Stepan  K3758718D-2079 stepan.jacko
Jakubovie Simona  K1224559B-521, B-520 simona.jakubovie
Janata Tomas, Ing. Ph.D.  K1554646B-804 tomas.janata
Janatka Marek, Ing. arch. Ph.D.  K1277936A-821 marek.janatka
Jancickova Marie, Ing.  K1354555B-515 marie.jancickova
Janda Tomas, Ing. Ph.D.  K1324606B-330a tomas.janda
Jandekova Dagmar, Ing. Ph.D.  K1324475B-310 dagmar.jandekova
Jandera Michal, doc. Ing. Ph.D.  K1344762B-622 michal.jandera
Jandova Karolina, Ing.  K1324482B-317 karolina.jandova
Jankovec Jakub, Ing.  K1434776B-674 jakub.jankovec
Janota Ondrej, Ing.  K1334661B-816 ondrej.janota
Janotova Dana, Mgr.  K132   dana.janotova
Janouchova Eliska, Ing.  K1325326D-2034 eliska.janouchova
Janourova Lada  K9218769C-113 lada.janourova
Janzurova Katerina, Ing.  K3754303D-2078c katerina.janzurova
Jara Robert, Ing. Ph.D.  K1344770B-629 robert.jara
Jaros Jakub, Ing. arch.  K127   jakub.jaros
Jarsky Cenek, prof. Ing. DrSc.  K122, VR4590B-525 jarsky
Jaruskova Daniela, prof. RNDr. CSc.  K1014383B-104 daniela.jaruskova
Jehlicka Petr, Ing.  K1344763B-620 petr.jehlicka
Jelinek Vladimir, doc. Ing. CSc.  K1257108A-224 vladimir.jelinek
Jenikova Lenka, DiS.  K1295475D-2110 lenka.jenikova
Jerabek Jakub, Ing.  K1434751B-670 jakub.jerabek
Jerman Milos, Ing. Ph.D.  K1237128A-317 milos.jerman
Jesko Vladimir, Mgr. Ph.D.  K1057138A-339 vladimir.jesko
Jetel Vaclav, Ing. Ph.D.  K1277930A-827 vaclav.jetel
Jettmar Josef, doc. Ing. CSc.  K1354542B-518 jettmar
Jezek Jan, Ing.  K1354353B-568 jan.jezek
Jezek Josef  K2504346, 4349D-1081 josef.jezek
Jezkova Jaromira, Ing.  K1364422B-218 jaromira.jezkova
Jezkova Marcela  K1334627B-734 marcela.jezkova
Jilemnicka Libuse, RNDr. CSc. 4657B-258b jilemnic
Jira Ales, Ing. Ph.D.  AS, K132, AS3723D-2024 jira
Jiran Zdenek, doc. Ing. arch.  K1297197A-725  
Jiranek Martin, prof. Ing. CSc.  K1244806D-2044 jiranek
Jirasek Milan, prof. Ing. DrSc.  K132, VR4481B-322 milan.jirasek
Jirasko Daniel, Ing. Ph.D.  K1354852B-502 daniel.jirasko
Jirasko Josef, doc. RNDr. CSc.  K1014409B-205 josef.jirasko
Jirikovsky Tomas, Ing. Bc. Ph.D.  K1544738B-913 tomas.jirikovsky
Jogl Lukas  K2104913D-s120 lukas.jogl
Jogl Marcel, Ing.  K2104913D-s120 marcel.jogl
Johnston Hal, prof.  K126   hal.johnston
Jonas Martin  K210   martin.jonas
Jordan Filip, Ing.  K125   filip.jordan
Jurcik Pavel, Ing. arch.  K129   pavel.jurcik
Jursik Pavel, Ing. Ph.D.  K133   pavel.jursik
Jäger Ales, RNDr. Ph.D.  K132   ales.jager
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