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Personnel Directory

Complete phone numbers are (+420) 22435xxxx - find xxxx below
(420 stands for country code, 22435 for university campus)


NameDept.PhoneRoom No.Email
Cabova Kamila, Ing. Ph.D.  K1343745B-690 kamila.cabova
Cachova Monika, Ing. Ph.D.  K1238754D-1015 monika.cachova
Cada Petr, Ing.  K132   petr.cada
Cajka Pavel, Ing. arch.  K1297904A-740 pavel.cajka
Cajka Radim, prof. Ing. CSc.  VR   radim.cajka
Cajkova Ludmila, Ing. arch.  K1297191A-720 ludmila.cajkova
Cajthaml Jiri, doc. Ing. Ph.D.  K155, AS, AS, AS, K9214730B-803 jiri.cajthaml
Cajthamlova Jindriska  K3754374, 4895D-s108 jindriska.cajthamlova
Calta Vitezslav, Ing.  K1247174A-429 vitezslav.calta
Cambalova Jana, Bc.  K1057136A-318 jana.cambalova
Canda Vaclav  K3125469, 8740C-s149 vaclav.canda
Capova Dana, Ing. Ph.D.  K1263729B-431 dana.capova
Capova Jana, Mgr. Ph.D.  K1014467B-304 jana.capova
Capova Kristyna, Ing.  K1354551B-506 kristyna.capova
Caranova Michaela, BcA.  K105    
Carna Eleonora  K3058773B-266 eleonora.carna
Casensky Martin, Ing. CSc.  K1264818B-420a martin.casensky
Cecilova Jana  K9338726B-161c jana.cecilova
Cejdova Ivana  K220    
Cejka Pavel  K1544812B-968  
Cejka Tomas, doc. Ing. Ph.D.  K1247162A-524 tomas.cejka
Celler Jiri, Ing.  K1344769B-618 jiri.celler
Cepek Ales, prof. Ing. CSc.  K1554647B-812 cepek
Cermak Jan, Ing.  K1224582B-526 jan.cermak
Cermak Vladimir, JUDr.  K105   vladimir.cermak
Cermakova Vera, PhDr.  K1044657B-258b vera.cermakova
Cerna Anna Marie, Ing. arch.  K129   anna.marie.cerna
Cerna Vydrova Linda, Ing. Ph.D.  K1354811B-570 linda.vydrova
Cernekova Marie, Ing. arch.  K129   marie.cernekova
Cernochova Katerina, Ing.  K143, K1434751B-670 katerina.cernochova
Cernohorsky Martin, Ing.  K1027912A-624a martin.cernohorsky
Cerny Robert, prof. Ing. DrSc.  K123, VR5044A-330 cernyr
Cervenka Jaroslav, Ing.    cervenka
Cervenka Petr, Ing.  K1345448B-577 petr.cervenka.1
Cestrova Edita, Ing. arch.  K129   edita.cestrova
Chalupa Michal, Ing.  K129, AS4779D-1092 michal.chalupa
Champmanova Stepanka, Mgr.  K1345448B-577 stepanka.champmanova
Chamra Svatoslav, Ing. CSc.  K1354550B-511 chamra
Chleboun Jan, doc. RNDr. CSc.  K1013866B-305 jan.chleboun
Chmelikova Jana  K9218764C-112a chmeliko
Chour Pavel, Ing.  K1247172A-533 chour
Chrastova Jana  K9338725B-163 jana.chrastova
Chrpova Alexandra  K3759727D-2078a chrpova
Chylik Roman, Ing.  K1334624B-788 roman.chylik
Cigler Zofkova Drahomira, Ing.  K124   drahomira.zofkova
Cihakova Iva, doc. Ing. CSc.  K1445083B-706 cihakova
Cislerova Milena, prof. Ing. CSc.  VR, K1434777B-605 cislerova
Civrna Tereza, Ing. arch.  K129   tereza.civrna
Cizkova Zuzana, Ing. Ph.D.  K1364926D-2067 zuzana.cizkova
Crha Jan, Ing.  K2103845D-1014 jan.crha
Czivisova Lucie, Mgr.  K9158760A-141b lucie.czivisova
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