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Personnel Directory

Complete phone numbers are (+420) 22435xxxx - find xxxx below
(420 stands for country code, 22435 for university campus)


NameDept.PhoneRoom No.Email
Bacova Marketa, Ing.  K1434746B-606 marketa.bacova
Bajtek Josef, Ing.  K1343877B-621 josef.bajtek
Bares Vojtech, Ing. Ph.D.  K1414339D-2094 bares
Baresova Eva, JUDr.  K155   eva.baresova
Bartackova Alena  K311    
Bartak Jiri, prof. Ing. DrSc.  K1354548B-509 bartakj
Bartak Josef  K2205515  josef.bartak
Bartonicek Jan, Ing.  K129   jan.bartonicek
Bartonkova Eva, Ing.  K210   eva.bartonkova
Bartos Ondrej, Ing.  K1334565B-877 ondrej.bartos.1
Batelka Vaclav  K376, K3753724D-2025 vaclav.batelka
Bauer Miroslav, Ing.  K143, K9964751B-670 miroslav.bauer
Bayer Tomas, doc. Ing. Ph.D.  K155   tomas.bayer
Behounkova Monika  K1434740B-603 monika.behounkova
Benda Karel, Ing. CSc.  K1554652B-809a karel.benda
Bendova Renata  K9338731B-161a renata.bendova
Benes Michal, Ing. Ph.D.  K1014442B-110 michal.benes
Benesova Kamila  K9248719B-112 kamila.benesova
Benesova Lucie, Ing.  K1364760D-2062 lucie.benesova
Benysek Martin, Ing.  K1334629B-413 martin.benysek
Berka Vilem, Ing. Ph.D.  K1263720B-477 vilem.berka
Bestakova Sandra, Ing. arch.  K126   sandra.bestakova
Bezdek Ales, Mgr. Ph.D.  K155   ales.bezdek
Bilek Tomas, Ing.  VR   tomas.bilek.1
Bily Petr, Ing. Ph.D.  K1334619B-731 petr.bily
Bittnar Petr, Ing. Ph.D.  K1324484D-2019 petr.bittnar
Bittnar Zdenek, prof. Ing. DrSc.  VR, K132, VR, AS3869B-308 bittnar
Blaha Filip, Ing.  K1334661B-816 filip.blaha
Blaha Jan Daniel, RNDr. PhDr. Ph.D.  K155    
Blesak Lukas, Ing. Ph.D.  K1343744B-625 lukas.blesak
Blümlova Eliska, Bc.  K9328751B-115 eliska.blumlova
Bobok Jozef, doc. RNDr. CSc.  K1014469B-107 bobok
Bobokova-Bartikova Svatava, PhDr.  K1044528B-262b bartikov
Bohac Matej, Ing. arch.  K1295406D-2121 matej.bohac
Bohaty Adam, Ing. arch.  K129   adam.bohaty
Borik Milan, Mgr. Ph.D.  K1015473B-304a milan.borik
Borikova Hana, Ing. arch.  K129   hana.borikova
Borovka Martin, Ing.  VR   martin.borovka
Bouska Robert, Ing. arch.  K126, AS B-421 robert.bouska
Branaldova Petra  K9338721B-160b petra.branaldova
Brankov Nikolay, Ing. arch.  K129   nikolay.brankov
Braun Jaroslav, Ing. Ph.D.  K1544780B-907 jaroslav.braun
Brejcha Vladimir, Ing.  VR   brejcha
Brestovsky Petr, Ing. Ph.D.  K1373868B-617a petr.brestovsky
Bret Ondrej, Ing.  K137, K1374752B-684a ondrej.bret
Broj Jaroslav  K1344914D-2134 jaroslav.broj
Broucek Miroslav, Ing. Ph.D.  K1424609B-709 miroslav.broucek
Broukalova Iva, Ing. Ph.D.  K1334631B-719 iva.broukalova
Broza Vojtech, prof. Ing. DrSc.  K1423879B-711 vojtech.broza
Brozova Lucie, Ing. Ph.D.  K1263872B-425 lucie.brozova
Bruzl Michal, Ing.  K1224582B-526b michal.bruzl
Bubenik Frantisek, doc. RNDr. CSc.  K101, AS4386B-105a bubenik
Buchal Tomas, Ing.  K126   tomas.buchal
Burgetova Eva, doc. Ing. CSc.  K1247169A-518 burget
Burian Jakub    jakub.burian
Buskova Jindriska, Ing.  K1264522B-416 jindra.buskova
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